Employee Engagement Solutions

The Business Problem

Organizations are continually challenged to identify ways to increase employee engagement. While changes in benefits, rewards, and compensation are often considered the best solution, engagement results seldom reflect significant improvement. Thus, the problem persists and organizations are not achieving their potential for enhanced engagement.

Engagement is a Shared Responsibility

Now you can measure intrinsic behavioural factors that drive individual engagement
-- employee motivators and attitudes!

  • Identify gaps between employee expectations and motivators
  • Facilitate the essential dialog between employee and manager
  • Foster a shared responsibility for engagement
  • Create a culture of engagement

Take the next step in engagement initiatives! Align employee intrinsic factors with organizational extrinsic factors to maximize engagement.

Harrison's Unique Solution

Predict performance, engagement and retention by matching proven job specific success factors to individual competencies, employee needs and engagement factors.

  • Provides Eight Engagement Metric Categories
  • Assesses at the Individual, Group, and Organization Levels
  • Provides Comprehensive Reports with Results Dashboard
  • Includes Actionable Expectation Analysis

Aligns Engagement Strategies with Employee Expectations

Create a Culture of Engagement

Harrison Assessment's Engagement & Retention Analysis provides you with actionable data, based on leading indicators of employee expectations, to plan and align optimal strategies that will motivate employees at the individual, group and organization levels.

Use Harrison's unique technology to help you assess your employee expectations regarding the following essential dimensions:

  • Development
  • Remuneration
  • Authority
  • Social
  • Appreciation
  • Communications
  • Personal
  • Work Life Balance

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